Hi, I am Mojo

Male - Neutered - Vizla/Coonhound (maybe some Great Dane too!)

Mojo is large, handsome hunk of a dog. He was born at the shelter in November 2007 and recently returned when he developed severe anxiety issues and had gone through a screen several times to go out and run. He is looking for a home with an experienced dog owner and a 6 foot privacy fence (he can climb a 6 foot chain link fence). He will need additional training and a owner that is willing to committ the time and energy to provide him with a safe, loving environment. Doggie daycare or a home where someone is around all the time would be great. He would rather cuddle, love on you and sit in your lap than play. We keep reminding him that a 80 pound + dog is not a lap dog. Mojo is on anxiety medication. Mojo may be a little rough around the edges but he will make a great companion for a dedicated and experienced dog owner.

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email: info@animal-lifeline.com

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