Hi, I am Sadie

Female - Spayed - Border Collie Mix

Please Help Save Sadie?

Meet Sadie, our newest shelter resident. She was dumped out in the country and spent the last several months running the fields and getting food from the families in the area.  It appears that Sadie had been caught in a trap.  Scared and stranded in the cold, Iowa winter weather with no food or water and in an enormous amount of pain, she found the strength to save herself and used her mouth and teeth to remove the trap from her paw.  With bones and tissue exposed, her tongue full of ulcers from the cold metal of the trap, and unable to walk on her leg she found her way to help and thankfully they contacted us. We are glad Sadie is now safe and is receiving the care and love she needs, but she needs YOUR help!  She has a long road ahead of her and is currently receiving extensive vet care to manage the pain, antibiotics for infection, laser treatments, blood work, debridement of her wound and wet to dry bandages …all in preparation for amputation surgery next week when her injured paw will be removed.  Once she recovers from that surgery, we will be working with our vet to get Sadie fitted for a prosthetic foot (paw) and she will receive all the necessary rehab to ensure that the surgery and custom made prosthetic is successful.   Sadie has a long road ahead of her, and we need YOUR HELP to give Sadie the second chance she deserves. Please make a donation with the link on our home page or mail your contribution to PO Box 12 Carlisle IA 50047 and note that it is for Sadie.

If you would like to make a donation to the Shelter to help pay for the care of Sadie, please click the donate button here

UPDATE December 17, 2013 - Sadie had her amputation surgery today to remove her paw and is awake and doing well.
UPDATE January 29, 2014 - Sadie is doing really well and enjoying all the attention she is receiving at the shelter. Last week, she had her first "impression cast" made and it was sent off to the company that will make the prostethic paw. This is a two step process and we are anxiousily awaiting the first paw to arrive! She is a delightful dog to have around.
UPDATE February 6, 2014- Sadie received version 1.1 of her new prosthetic paw today. See the photos below. We now begin the long process of getting her accustom to the paw and using the paw like a real paw!

email: shelter@animal-lifeline.com

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